Courses Taught at UA

I regularly teach four upper-level undergraduate classes in geography and environmental studies and two graduate seminars in geography and law.  All of these classes deal with the history, geography, law, policy, and political economy of water and environment.
in the undergraduate classes i emphasize the Western U.S.A. because is it is easier for students at University of Arizona to relate to.  My graduate teaching is more comparative and international.
GEOG/EVS 304:  Water, Environment, and Society
GEOG/EVS 462:  Environmental Law, Geography, and Society
GEOG/EVS 468:  Water and Sustainability
EVS 498:  Environmental Studies Capstone
GEOG/LAW 596I:  Comparative and International Water Policy
GEOG/LAW 596L:  Law, Geography, and Property
Graduate Advising
I have been the main faculty advisor for 7 MA students and 10 PhD students, who have worked on water and environmental governance in Western USA, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, and Israel. See my CV for details.